DBA Fire Risk Assement

Student Homes Special Offer

DBA are offering to all Manchester Student Homes clients a Huge discount on Fire Risk Assessments carried out on your rented accommodation.

Usual Price for properties up to 7 Bedrooms £89 + vat

Manchester Student Homes Discounted Rate £35 + vat

Not only does this get you a full comprehensive Fire risk assessment Document / Certification, it will also entitle you to a substantial discount,On any work, (if required) in connection with Fire Safety, I.E extinguishers, smoke units, etc.


What is Fire Risk Assessment

Q: What is a Fire Risk Assessment ?
A: A fire risk assessment is an organised and methodical inspection of the premises, the activities carried out there and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises. It is also a means of assessing if the property has all the appropriate / required by law, Fire detection & Fire Fighting equipment.

Q: Why do I need to have a Fire Risk Assessment Carried out on my rented property ?

A: Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) places a duty on the responsible person (Landlord) to take general fire precautions to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of the people on the premises and in the immediate vicinity. ‘Responsible person’ means “the person who has control of the premises in connection with the carrying out of a trade, business or other undertaking”. In practice this will usually be the landlord, but in the case of absentee landlords where the “care of the property” is undertaken by a managing agent.

Failure to comply with regulations will constitute a criminal offence, under the consumer protection act which carries a penalty well into thousands of pounds, and /or possible imprisonment. Landlords / Agents will also be sued in civil law under the duty of care act, for failure to ensure the safety of their Tenants.



DBA Fire Risk Assement

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